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So we had an interesting conversation occur here on the weekend, on our best 20 remixes of the year post.  If you abhore reading as much as I do, basically someone exhibited the trademarks of your typical internet tough-guy (people shrouded by the anonymity of the internet who tend to voice their opinions in a unconstructive and/or aggressive way, not least because they know the Monarch and I aren’t going to beat them down and then run a train on their skinny emo girlfriend).

Anyway, out of the 13000 people that have viewed our site in the last month, one person not only managed to get a laugh out of my overly dramatic “scathing” response, he also bothered to post a comment AND share a few songs he likes.  WHAT A CONCEPT – PEOPLE SHARING WITH PEOPLE THEY’RE GETTING SOMETHING FROM!  (/refer right sidebar, top dialogue box)

Anyway, you asked for it Fiji, so here it is:

T.I. – Whatever You Like (Discotech remix)

This song just about made it on my 5 songs I hated most in 2008 post (the original, not the remix).  I heard this track a few weeks ago now I think, and I am still annoyed a bit by the lyrics, but it’s about a million and a half times better than the original.  Honestly, I just hate this guy’s attitude; not only does he think he’s the fucking Mother Teresa of rap saving some poor girl from her buger flipping job, the song also rings of misogyny, if not just a very low opinion of women.  I mean come on, the chorus is something about her tight/wet (probably 14 year old, given her occupation) vagina, and his only attempt to suggest that he isn’t just blatantly paying for sex is “it aint trickin if you have my black amex card”.  I have mad respect for Discotech – some of the shit he’s done for Crooklyn Clan is unbelievable, and I even like the beat on this song, but I have trouble ignoring lyrics this awful. I’ve definitely dropped this a couple times, and probably will again as a substitute for the original.

Hot Chip – Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)

Good track.  Well mixed, and the synth and kick/clap sound nice together.  I’m a bit of a sucker for that old trancey sound that this song has – something the Crookers are doing well with in their live sets lately.  The lyrics are very euro vocal house, and are interesting at first but don’t really rock out.  I was hoping it would get harder/drop but it never really did.  It may be that Fake Blood wasn’t going for that.  Might play this in at a lounge but I wouldn’t drop it at the club.

Young Dro vs Queens Of The Stone Age – Shoulder Lean/ Little Sister (A-Trak remix)

Pretty good mashup.. For the record, I saw Queens of the Stone Age live last year at Vegoose when they opened for Rage Against the Machine, and they put on a great show.  The lyrics have good flow on the instrumental, and I like how he’s put the Young Dro chorus over the Queens chorus.

Moby – I Love To Move In Here (Proxy Remix)

Ballin ass track. The compression he’s done with the beat vs piano sounds awesome. The drop is awesome. Catchy vocal sample. Beat is far from flat – stays interesting and evolves. Breakdown is fairly average and maybe a bit fast to build back up, but the drop is sick. I will definitely drop this track in my next set and “fuck it up” hard. Will probably sound good with some scratching too (the end will, for sure). Will be an awesome track to mix..

Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Crookers Remix)

The vocal sample on this song is really cool – old plantation music sounding. The beat is deep and hard like I like it, and pretty twitchy – very typical sound for the Crookers right now, and maybe even a bit formulaic. I couldn’t get away with playing it for the audiences I’ve been playing for anyway. I was really pleased with the Crookers when I saw them a few weeks ago – they played a lot of this stuff, some drum and bass, and some really old techno. The Taylor Dayne breakdown was unexpected and awesome, but I would have had it hit off the lyrics rather than throw in a long silence and egg timer noises.

[audio:TI – Whatever You Like (DiscoTech Rmx).mp3,Hot Chip – Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix).mp3,Young Dro vs Queens of The Stone Age – Shoulder Lean and Little Sister (A-Trak remix).mp3,Moby – I Love To Move In Here (Proxy Remix).mp3,Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Crookers remix).mp3]

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