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Mar 30, 2012
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I last wrote about Calgary-native Trunkz‘ work on Comptine D un Autre ete, a track which he essentially covered and then remixed. That particular track roused some discussion about whether it is “authentic dubstep”, no doubt from the same types of people who make dubstep puritans mad by not accurately referring to certain tracks as “electro-dubstep.”

What wasn’t disputed was Trunkz’ apparent talent for writing and producing music, as well as covering and remixing. The track went on to get a HUGE amount of attention, and has garnered him some well-deserved exposure.

I predict this latest effort will turn out similarly. In fact, it may just exceed his previous effort; Ichor is just as well produced as Comptine, but is very much an electro-dubstep track that I could easily imagine a selection of top dubstep DJs playing in a peak-time party set.

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  • Annabelle

    My thoughts; your title to me truly explains it all. Trunkz has a magnificent gift. The preferred “type” of dubstep is irrelevant. To anyone that truly loves music, great music is great music. It does not matter the evolution of a particular genre or artist. For someone to say that it is not authentic dubstep is in my opinion is as close minded as saying that Elvis was not the king of rock and roll. If we stay in the same place and judge based on styles of the past, more often than not, the music today would not be what it is and in turn our lives would not be what they are.
    Trunkz has nowhere to go but up, his tracks are a clear indication of that. I personally cant wait to see what Trunkz has for us in the future. Until then, I will continue to enjoy what he has for us now.

  • TheKrang

    That song is fucking great. Very epic sounding with some great drum sounds.

    I went to an Ableton class the other day and this kid who thought he was awesome made two derogatory comments about dubstep and Skrillex. I had to pipe up and say “Dude, it’s a type of music just like any other one, not liking it doesn’t make you cooler than anyone else” People who worry about shit like that do not listen to music for the right reason and are wasting a lot of time and energy debating over a fucking word. It’s just music.

  • CMV3

    HUGE!!!! This guy keeps blowing me away. I’m sure we’ll see some big things with this track in the weeks to come.

    I couldn’t agree more with teh above posts. Music, now maybe more than ever, is blurring the lines of what we call ‘generes.’ Musicians are using their ability to collaborate and push the boundaries. Everything from those classically trained (Chilly Gonzales), to work between one of the best Classic Rock groups of all time (The Doors) and a pioneer in EDM (Skrillex).

    Whatever you want to call it, I think that we can agree that Trunkz is putting out quality tracks. Can’t wait to hear more.