Memory Cult – “Pityful”

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Feb 27, 2020

The mysterious vibes of Memory Cult have arrived here in 2020, starting with his latest single “Pityful.” The track is the lead single from the LA artist’s March 6th album In Conflict. Combining indie & experimental production, Memory Cult describes himself as having an “alien falsetto,” which is wildly accurate. Shades of Thom Yorke can be heard throughout the album, no doubt.

“This record was created in response to a series of personal (mental illness) and professional (band breakup) upsets as well as in reaction to recent social and political conflicts,” Memory Cult explains. “It was created using a series of in-studio performances that were then resampled and layered continuously to create what I have been referring to as a ‘collage album.’ It is sequenced to be played as a whole piece in succession, but my intent was that it can be rearranged to fit a different sequence by the listener to give a new perspective. The lo-fi sound was created to give a feeling of a future relic, and the art of crumbling architecture was used to reinforce that feeling of something that was once vital and abandoned. Side A is conflict, side B Is resolution.”

Listen to “Pityful” below.

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