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Sep 16, 2019

Slow Shudder, real name Amanda Mayo, is a multi-faceted producer, DJ, vocalist & songwriter. Born in Miami, FL, and drawing inspiration from her time in New York City, London, Los Angeles, she currently resides in Seattle, WA and makes her art there. Her multifaceted sound brings together her various musical influences across the indie electronic, dance, experimental, and alternative music spaces, where the end result is a beautifully hybrid approach at Pop.  Slow Shudder has been making a name for herself over the past few years with a series of diverse collaborations, including releases via Moving Castle and Ultra Records. Her new song “Just As You Are” is the third and final taster single before her Off The Rails EP releases in a few days on the 20th of September. The new single was co-produced by SAKIMA, who also had a helped with a handful of prior and future releases as well. Check out a quote from Slow Shudder below and under that stream her new single “Just As You Are”, enjoy!

“I wrote “Just As You Are” when I was falling in love with someone who struggles with confidence. However, the more I developed it, the more I realized that it was for anyone who has difficulties with self-doubt, including myself. We live in a world where the comparison trap can often feel unavoidable. It’s hard to escape the effects of constantly seeing everyone else’s perfectly crafted performative selves through a screen. I often have to remind myself and others that what’s on that screen is almost always carefully curated and edited, and that it’s hard to avoid feeling inadequate when holding yourself up to an unrealistic standard.”

– Slow Shudder

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