ToonSquad & LAV8 – Waste Time ft. BAER

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Aug 24, 2019

Beautiful & Bittersweet. The up-and-coming artists ToonSquad and LAV8 have just released their newest single “Wasted Time” featuring the sensational vocals from BAER.  With vocal hooks and a strong melody, “Wasted Time” is a song ready for the mainstream. Strap in a take this one for a ride!
“When ToonSquad sent me their original track, the first feelings I felt upon hearing it was how beautiful, slightly bittersweet and innocent it was. I just saw this picture of a pair of lovers dancing with each other in a burning room. Also, on some subconscious level, I was feeling that my boyfriend and I weren’t spending as much intimate time together, being both so busy. That’s when I wrote the line – “if we had 24 hours left, would you come and waste time with me?” – because that’s the kind of presence I wanted from him. Like nothing else mattered besides kicking it and wasting time with me, even if time was limited. On a bigger scale though, it’s really about going 100% for the people and things that you love, no matter the turnout or the crash.” – BAER.

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