Ariane – Fake Generation



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May 16, 2019

French-American pop singer and songwriter Ariane is an up and coming L.A. based act on the come up. Her latest offering entitled “Fake Generation” acts as an anthem for today’s generation reflecting on peer pressure and materialistic desires heightened by social media. Influenced by the likes of Billie Eilish and Lorde, she has a darkly distinct pop vibe that helps her stand apart from all the other cookie cutter’s in pop music. Read a quote from her below and under that stream “Fake Generation”.

“I’ve spent so much time scrolling through Instagram feeling incompetent. There was definitely a time where I tried to keep up, trying to seem ‘perfect’ on social platforms but it’s exhausting, miserable and a flat out lie,” she says. “I get bloated sometimes, I’m not vacationing every weekend and partying with stars. Isn’t it tiring to keep up appearances? Let’s be real for a change.”


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