Premiere: KELLR X Matt Giraud – Vacation



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Oct 19, 2018

We’re loving this new record from KELLR. It’s called “Vacation” and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air of pop and indie dance fusion. I’m ecstatic about the ambiance and melodic themes within the song. This is one of those tunes that just makes you feel incredible and is absolutely a heater for any dance floor. Take a listen and read of what KELLR had to say:

“Vacation came about really organically over the course of a casual write with Matt. We were just listening to instrumentals and tossing around ideas that day; when he sang the hook we both immediately knew that was what we were going to work on. We wrote the whole song in 3-4 hours and everything flowed effortlessly the whole time. Those sessions are always the ones you know will turn out as great songs and we both really love what “Vacation” ended up becoming. It’s a carefree, empowering song that encourages people to not only lighten up and have fun, but to be in the moment no matter what the circumstances are and choose love!”

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