Konrad OldMoney – UNDEFEATED – ft. Junoflo and Dyme Def (UFC3 Official Soundtrack)


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May 27, 2018

Ever had that one friend you just wanted to punch in the face? Well now you can do it to a great soundtrack and not go to jail! Music courtesy of a Canadian lad really good at making songs that make you want to physically react to something. I sat down over a non-fat-almond-chai-skinny-latte with Konrad OldMoney who is the gent that produced all the Theme Music as well as licensed out a single called Undefeated, on the new UFC3 EA Sports video game. Yes kids, Ron does all sorts of reporting and reviews. This franchise isn’t some one trick pony. Here is a short 5 question interview with Mr. OldMoney himself. Strap yourselves in because it’s about to get intimate.

Ron: Who was the last person you’ve punched in the face, and why?

OldMoney: Hm… the last person, I believe was an exchange student from I don’t really know where, at the Cambie in Vancouver… He definitely asked for it, but in true macho spirit we bought each other shots after and became great friends for the rest of the night! He even apologized for grabbing my girlfriend’s booty which is what started the whole thing.

Ron: If you could punch anyone in the face right now and get a free pass, who would it be?

OldMoney: You.

Ron: Why do you do music? It’s literally the WORST career choice you could possibly make! I mean… Homeless people have more job security than you do! They can at least collect cans! You have to make money out of thin air! They’re making a minimum of one dollar a day! Most musicians are¬†MINUS dollars. And with the new Spotify streams it’s only worse! You spend thousands for promotion only to make .00000000007th of a cent per stream! You’re an idiot man.

OldMoney: right. thank you.

Ron: Okay, followup question, if you weren’t an idiot, what would you be doing with your life?

OldMoney: I’m clearly too much of an idiot to answer this question.

Ron: Ok ok. Sorry, I just get passionate sometimes. What’s around the corner for the OldMoney franchise?

OldMoney: Haha, well I am just going to continue to make music that makes people want to do something, or feel something. I have always been focused on creating things that call on people’s emotions. At the end of the day, if you’re not making people feel things, what are you really doing with your life? I will keep on ignoring the warning messages of all my loved ones, and keep being thankful for all of the awesome opportunities that are presented to me. Thanks to Ricardo Almeida and Freddy Ouano for putting me on these cool projects.

–¬† There you have it kids. Straight from the horse’s mouth! Check out the song below!


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