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Mar 17, 2018

This project makes me want to dance my ass off, and lucky for me it’s the weekend so I can do just that as I pre-game tonight before I head out with some friends! Not that the time or day really matters to get down, it just helps a bit b/c this is totally party music and the weekends are the best days for said events (party on, Wayne). TEKLIFE producer Mel G is a DJ and producer currently residing in NYC and he has decided to partner up with Los Angeles based collective and record label Black Marble Collective for a new 10 track album filled with all types of hype sh*t. Ranging from Trap back to Juke, and all the way to Footwork and other genres, this project is all over the place but we love it that way. I really respect the versatility, Mel G, and I’m sure our readers will to! Listen to The Light LP below now.

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