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Dec 6, 2016

Brighton’s very own Oliver Cash, better known worldwide as Far Too Loud, has recently released his EP, Wormhole! This massive house-crasher consists of three original tracks, along with a remix by Dodge & Fuski, which have enough ferocity to cause a storm wherever they’re unleashed. The EP is now out, via Never Say Die Records – check out the 14 minutes of madness below!


While the hype for the EP is still running rampant, FTL is also on tour across North America; thanks to Dead Royalty Productions, he made a stop in Toronto. Not only was his show on Dec. 2nd the first stop of the tour, but it was also his first time being in the city as well. After years of questioning when his debut was going to happen, eager fans packed onto the dancefloor and threw down in every way possible to his set – which comprised of some of the filthiest vomitstep, bass house, electro house and neurofunk.

Prior to his set, I sat down with Oli in the venue’s small yet cozy backroom, and we had a pleasant exchange about his time here in T.O., as well as the EP and its release.

What exactly led to the name Far Too Loud/who inspired that?

If I’m honest, it was just a choice at the time – we made some music, and then we had to give it to some people, but before we could give it to anyone, we had to pick a name. So, we just sat around, probably a bit stoned, and that was the name that came out. It sort of encapsulates my attitude towards making music.
(editor’s note: Far Too Loud started off as a trio.)

What can you tell us about your EP, Wormhole?

I guess it’s just kind of different styles. The tracks I’ve done are all 128 bpm, but stuff I’ve been feeling this year- bass house vibes, plus weird vomitstep vibes, plus weird hard electro vibes, across 3 tracks. And that’s basically what it is – at that time, when I release an EP, that’s the kind of stuff that I like to play out, and that’s why there tends to be a mixture of stuff.

Which of your tracks throughout your career have stuck out to you the most?

(Laughs) I don’t know… I’m gonna say that Wormhole is the one at the moment – that’s the one that I really like, I really enjoyed doing it. When I was writing it, I was like “Fuck yeah! This is something cool”. And at the moment, that’s the one I’m looking forward to playing out the most.

I felt like I just went a bit weird with it, and that’s why I really wanna play it out, cuz I’m like “Hey, here’s something new”. In the middle, it goes a bit weird, and then switches tempo – it’s like, “ok guys, I’m gonna go somewhere a bit different right now.”

What’s your favourite song so far that you’ve discovered this year?

Most definitely YOOKiE & Jameston Thieves – Xanax Pancakes. That is a fucking mental track – it sounds like an alien with diarrhea.

Going into 2017, do you have any set plans for the New Year?

I’ve done a track with YOOKiE – I’ve got some remixes coming out, they might come out before then – but I’ve done a track with YOOKiE which also sounds like aliens with diarrhea. Because I heard [Xanax Pancakes] and I was like “Alright, that’s fucking great” – so I met with him in April of last year in Denver, and we did the track together.

But yeah – the EP I did just now is Never Say Die’s 98th release, and so there’ll be a ‘100’ very soon, in 2017.

Is there a chance that you’re gonna be the 100th?

There’s gonna be lots of people involved in the 100th, I think.

During your time in Toronto, what’s the craziest thing that’s happened?

Not too much – What was cool was I arrived in [a day earlier], the reason being a few months ago, a guy posted a video of himself playing guitar over a remix I did, and it was a really cool guitar cover. And I reposted it on my page, and he commented on it, and I got in touch since I saw he lived in Toronto. I was like “Hey, I’m going there soon – why don’t we hook up and I’ll record some guitar, and put it in a track?”

So I flew in a day early so that we could link up, and I went into his house, we recorded some guitar and it was pretty fucking sick. And so I’ve got some cool guitar stuff that I’ll probably turn into a track now. And it’s kind of cool to have that connection from someone who did that. So I guess that’s a pretty crazy thing.

FTL has a few stops left to end off the year – see if he’s playing near you soon:

Dec. 8th – Rawkus, Colorado Springs, CO

Dec. 9th – Royal Canadian Legion #1, Calgary, AB

Dec. 10th – Habano’s, Regina, SK 

Dec. 17th – Studio Seven, Seattle, WA


~Far Too Loud~

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