Eric Sharp ft. Zhao – The Thirst

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Oct 11, 2016

I think this track is inspired by the fact that we both live in LA where you can’t go anywhere without seeing obnoxiously attractive people. Sometimes that energy just boils over and needs to be expressed. In terms of the production, my aim was to try not to over-complicate things and just make more of a dance-floor oriented upbeat jam and I think that worked out pretty damn well.” – Eric Sharp

Eric Sharp and fellow artist/multi-instrumentalist Zhao come together to drop a sexy club-ready track! Combining Eric’s house production skills with Zhao’s prowess on the guitar, bass and vocals, the duo have decided to release this song after a few test-runs during some DJ sets –  to highly positive reviews.

The Thirst is available through Liftoff Recordings, but is also currently a free download, for a short time– so jump on the opportunity and grab yourself a copy!



~Eric Sharp~

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