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Sep 5, 2016

ST. NIKLAS is an artist who’s been doing big things recently. His ever expanding resume of music has continued to dazzle our ears with each new track. Just over half a year ago we had our first taste of his new musical endeavor with his extraordinary nostalgic pop track “C-O-O-L” that teleported us straight back to those good times in the 80s. Now we’re excited to have the privilege of premiering the artist’s long awaited “C-O-O-L” EP!

The collection is introduced by an absolutely stunning saxophone solo alongside an airy atmosphere to let listeners know that something magical is on its way. This alluring introduction quickly gives way to the fast paced pop stylings of the second track “Porcelain.” The tune’s uplifting refrain and addictive vocals make this a staple track for any fan of synth pop. The tune’s undeniable, ecstatic energy is sure to be moving dance floors everywhere.

After “Porcelain’s” high flying vibe comes to an end the artist slows down the tempo for his emotion laden piece titled “Who We Are.” The track tugs at my heart each time I hear it as ST. NIKLAS’ palpable vocals wash over my ears.

The pace picks up a little with the stoic pop track “Stay.” Here the artist showcases his range of style, while simultaneously sticking to those 80s synth pop roots that make his music so magical. The percussion in this one always gets me feeling great.

Quickly following “Stay” the EP culminates with the title track, a perfect pop track that sorrowfully laments “[You’d] rather get high than to hang with me.” Raw lyrics and masterful production certainly solidify this track as my favorite of the collection. And when that sexy saxophone returns from “Preface” my ears melt every time.

The collection ends in the epic pop ballad “You.” This one’s slow synths stylings and lyrics straight from the soul make for a truly moving and satisfying closing to the collection as ST. NIKLAS addresses his audience.

As a bonus, we also get a fun filled experimental electronic remix of “Who We Are” by Axnes as the final track in the mix. The song’s gleeful bouncing elements make for the perfect, light-hearted ending to the otherwise raw and emotional EP.

All in all we definitely recommend ST. NIKLAS’ “C-O-O-L” EP to pop music fans everywhere! Even if you didn’t grow up in the 80s there is definitely something for everybody in this highly relatable repertoire of work. Stream the track’s here and be sure to stay up to date with St. Niklas going forward on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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