Elohim- Sensations (Wheathin Remix)

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May 17, 2016

Allow me to catch you up on Wheathin. He’s a 17-year-old producer from Chicago who makes the kind of remixes you’d expect from someone with far more years of experience.

He consistently produces quality work, and his musical catalogue includes transformations of tracks like “Pillow Talk,” “Fallin,” and Mssingno’s “XE3.”

As if you need one more reason to check out his music, he’s just released a remix of “Sensations” by indie-pop sweetheart Elohim. Originally a sexy, buzzy track, Wheathin has taken the song and infused it with his electronic sensibilities.

It eases you into the sound with Elohim’s comforting vocals, then launches you into an ambush of synth sweeps and rhythmic hits you can’t help but move to. Download the remix free for a limited time.

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