Luca Lush & Tanner Caldwell – Double Jump EP

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Sep 9, 2014

Luca Lush & Tanner Caldwell - Double Jump EP

You may remember Luca Lush from his Money flip. Well, this go around he got together with Tanner Caldwell to create one of the best “Jersey Club” EPs to date. If there were any animals to describe these tracks, Talk Dirty would be a chameleon, and Santa Monica Sunset would be a flamingo. The reason I say Talk Dirty would be a chameleon, is because it shares it’s color changing abilities. It is secretly a banger, but it disguises it’s self as a jazzed up chill track. For the second track, I chose a flamingo because they are just sexy animals. Both of these tracks are incredible, and we can’t really pick a favorite, but we would love your take in the comments!

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