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Aug 24, 2014


Just Watch It

Ok, so maybe you came here for some semblance of music news, or slightly witty observational humor. But, as this may seem out of place, clearly something more important has come up this week: The Simpsons. Yes, the show you probably grew up watching with your dad, is still on the air, and in celebration FXX is playing every single episode ever, over the course of 12 days.  Don’t have FXX? Start pirating. (Not that we are advocating stealing, or anything like that) 🙂

New Run the Jewels Album!


Run the Jewels, the honest to god, successful, rap group duo of 2013, are apparently back with another album, a surprise since the collaboration was supposed to be a one time thing. With much joy, grab this song off the new album, due October 28th, via Mass Appeal.  Hopefully Mad Lib will take some note, and realize that colabertors can make more than one album, (please write a sequal to Madvilliany). 

Track of the Week:


Flying Lotus, the musical genius known for introspective album art, and the messiah of hipster stoners everywhere, (kidding!) is back with another track. You’re Dead! comes out October 7th, and until then, we will have to live with this wonderful track. Of course, Flying Lotus is able to scoop Herbie Hancock out of retirement to appear on a new track. Give a listen to the world exclusive of Moment of Hesitation–it’s fantastic.


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