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Jul 16, 2014



I first heard of TastyTreat when You Got Me showed up about 8 months ago on hypemachine. I was blown away with the clarity of ideas and squeaky clean production – the track went into heavy rotation immediately. Just recently though I noticed they were in the running for a spot in Toronto playing at Time Festival (July 19th) and while they finished 2nd and might not be making the trek out from California, they did just drop a new track that rivals my love for its predecessor.

Say yes features some heavy bass trap rhythms and a wavy-ass synth line drop. But the best part is by far the horn line in the main bit sitting so perfectly in the pocket you’d think The Roots lent some arrangement help. I’m happy these guys are back on my radar, turn up and watch the babes come in droves like axe commercials.



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