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Jul 22, 2014


Hodor gets turnt

Chances are, you watch Game of Thrones. Therefore, you’re probably familiar with Bren’s companion, the giant Hodor, who pretty much sits around the entire show shouting his name. Naturally, the internet went crazy with this, and on your accord, you can peruse reddit. But what your probably not familiar with is actor Kristian Nairn, responsible for such a beloved character, who in his free time is not only a DJ/artist, but is also going on tour. Yes, you asked for it. No longer will you have to watch enthralling episodes of  Game of Thrones rife with political seduction and intellectual discourse on the folly of power, and wonder: “what if I popped some molly right now?” Your question have been answered. Rave of Thrones, (no I did not make that up), is coming to you Australia. Expect to see Peter Jackson there. Check out the tour dates here.

And you’ll never be foil (foils)

He’s back!! Crazed hair sensation, Weird Al is back with a new album, Mandatory Fun, and a new string of music videos.  Choosing which video to post was the hardest part, but I’ve decided on Foil, a parody of none other that Lorde’s Royals. This way, when you visit your 14 your old cousin for Thanksgiving, who tells you she likes Lorde because, “it just really speaks to me, on like a personal level,”  you can at least play this for her.


PS- You could also check out Flume’s remix of Tennis Court.


 …What? (oh god).


If I gave you these three names: Christ Martin, (Coldplay) Billie Joel Armstrong, (Green Day), Serj Tankian (System of a Down) and then threw in Avicii you’d probably think I was making some bad joke, involving one or more of these washed up singers drowning, or getting hit in the head by an anvil. Sadly, I wish this was the case. In fact, Avicii is collaborating with all three men on his forthcoming album. Sadly just like the followup to Ghostbusters, or another freakin’ Die Hard movie, the world will once again have to experience something it doesn’t want. Prepare yourselves for a glittery EDM-rock album made by 40 year old men in between career ideas.

…Did I mention Bon Jovi is also a collaborator?


See ya next week!



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