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Jul 14, 2014

Tommy Ramone dead at 65


Alright, so maybe in-between growing up in the golden age of hip-hop, and rocking out to OutKast’s Hey Yayou missed out on the simplistic beauty that was The Ramones. Not to fear, the Guardian has you covered, (or honestly talk to anyone over 40). The Ramones where rock and roll at most bashing–before Iggy Azalea, Lil Wayne, Drake, these where the true rockstars, crashing hotel rooms, and doing lines of coke off of pretty much any table surface. In their spirit, enjoy this song, when this was actually what it meant to listen to punk.


Dev Hynes remix’s Sia’s Chandeliers


Chances are, if you’ve been in the grocery store / mall / outside of your house in the past week, you’ve probably heard Chandeliers by Sia. Now, opinions aside of the original, you haven’t heard a remix like this. Dev Hynes, this beautifully dressed man, who also released his nu-disco album, Cupid Deluxe  last year, has crafted quite a remix, throwing in R&B beats and a new layer of vocals.


“Old English” ft. Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs & A$AP Ferg


OMG this song is a #Bangerz! Or whatever your white-basic-friend hashtags on her instagram/other vitriolic social media sites. Yet, this song deserves note. It’s produced by Salva (one of my favorites) along with Nick Hook, and…truth be told, the beat is quite catchy.  It doesn’t hurt that Freddie Gibbs flow is flawless, and A$AP Ferg wailing about molly and his “cuban hodoes have it’s entertainment.


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