Pascäal – Drowning In You (P A T H remix)


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May 21, 2014



Every day I spend hours browsing soundcloud and other outlets I follow artists on; there are just days I become a bit too busy to check my emails. A few days ago I took a moment to sort through my inbox and I’m extremely happy I did! If I didn’t take that time, I probably would have missed this gem. Mark my words, P A T H is about to take over the game! At just fifteen years old he developed his own style. Now that he’s sixteen, his plans for world domination are becoming apparent! On his Drowning In You remix, things start off a bit subtle. Things may be subtle, but by the second drop you’ll be blown away by his signature glitches and sound design! Make sure you snag this one up, because from what he said in the email it may only be a temporary fix.

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//Andrew Ivan

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