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May 16, 2014

Cosmo's Midnight



We’ve had our eyes on the guys from Cosmo’s Midnight for a while, and I was blessed to have an opportunity to speak with Cosmo and pick his mind. If you aren’t aware Cosmo’s Midnight is an Australian duo which consists of twin brothers making some of the most salacious music there is to offer! Cosmo was a really down to earth guy and you should definitely keep your eyes peeled on them, as they will be dropping some heat on you in the near future!


So how long have you been involved with music for?
Been making making music for around five years, one year as Cosmo’s Midnight, and the rest spent having fun and building them skills.

Did you guys have solo projects before deciding to work together?
We always worked together but we like to make lil solo tunes from time to time.

How were your grades in school and what were your favorite subjects?
Pat did better than me in the HSC (the Australian version of SA) but we were both better at humanities and stuff. I did biology though and did it pretty well. 

If you each had a choice to collaborate with any artists who would you pick?
I want to work with soooo many people and get features from many vocalists. But we want Aluna to sing for us and I’d love to write for Kendrick or any rappers.

Before getting into electronic music, what were you guys listening to?
We listened to lots of bands and electronic music but since producing I listen to pretty much only electronic. I like to listen to Tame Impala Pond Anamanaguchi for my acoustic dosages, but I used to listen to stuff like Jimi Hendrix, RHCP, Biggie, Tupac, Destiny’s Child, etc etc.

Surely all of the producers reading would love to know if you had any favorite plugins. If you were to pick one favorite what would it be?

Plugins we like are Sylenth, Antares Autotune, Hatsune Miku, Izotope Ozone, and mostly stock Ableton effects.
If you had to describe your music in three words what would you say?
G-Funk, Jazz, Trill

Say you could communicate with plants. What plant would you mainly speak to and what would be your first question?
Favorite plant is Bird Of Paradise so I would speak with them and ask ‘Why are you so fab?’

If time machines existed what time period would you visit and what would be on your agenda?
I’d like to go back in time before each new trend was brought in and usher them in myself and be the steeziest person up until now and then not know what to do next.

When I was younger I had these weird falling dreams. Sometimes from a plane, other times roller coasters, even the grand canyon. Do you have any weird repetitive dreams you would be willing to share? 
In terms of dream, I’ve had so many dreams it seems all I can do is dream. I can’t remember the last time I had a blank sleep, but I have dreams that can either be based around a farm or a beach that I continually return to and different things happen. It feels so familiar I often feel like I’m looking into the future with these dreams.

I really appreciate your time and looking forward to what you have coming for us soon! 



//Andrew Ivan

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