ODESZA – Sun Models ft. Madelyn Grant

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Feb 10, 2014



The Seattle duo that is ODESZA are no strangers to Salacious, but we hadn’t heard from them in a while and we were getting worried.  No it wasn’t the intense rain or cloudiness that descends on the Pacific Northwest or the fact that they recently embarked on a massive tour that kept them under wraps for a while, they were just waiting for a perfect time to break out this little piece of summer.  Sun Models comes to us via Pilerats’ first record compilation, which you can download fo’ free, on Bandcamp. The production, coupled with the vocals supplied by Madelyn Grant go perfectly together, making for an awesome and catchy track.  Wait, who was it that said we have 6 more weeks of winter?  Feels like summer to me. Enjoi.



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