Angus & Julia – For You (Tennyson Remix)

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Feb 13, 2014

Angus & Julia Stone - For You (Tennyson Remix)


This week on “People Who Are Both Younger and More Talented Than Me”, we have this Angus & Julia remix by Tennyson, a Canadian 17-year old. It’s a two-and-a-half minute long electronic/jazz hybrid, and I haven’t stopped listening to it for the last half hour. I wouldn’t have been surprised if this track was actually early Kaytranada or something – it’s that good. I draw the distinction that it could be early Kaytranada simply because there are sections of the track that are the slightest bit unpolished; some of the stutter effect isn’t perfectly aligned. I have no problem putting that down to youth instead of inexperience, mostly because the rest of the track is so damn impressive. The 8-bit jazz piano solo between 0:55-1:23 gives me chills, and the unresolved chords at the end send me scrambling back to my Soundcloud tab to start it again.

He also seems to have a fascination with cats, as various cat noises such as purrs and meows are sampled into the song, and the album art is a cat. And his description on Soundcloud is

“meow meow luke

 meow seventeen.

message me plz,


In any case, this dude’s one to watch out for.



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