Joel Compass – Run (Wayward Remix)

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Nov 18, 2013



It’s an overcast, chilly day out here in the Bay Area, and while I’m as much a fan of bundling up and drinking a hot cup of tea as the next dude, the grayness was starting to get to me. And then Ziad sent me this song.

This new remix from Wayward is just what I needed. The London-based producer (UK, sorry Canadians) consistently lays down funky, emotive, and seamlessly produced tracks, and “Run” is no exception. It opens with what sounds like a train-station announcer speaking indiscriminately in the background, and it quickly expands with echoing synths into a warm and inviting groove. The details are all in place; the maracas, the tasteful reverb on the vocals, and the thumping kick drum syncopations all combine to create a tasty November treat.




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