This Avicii x Ralph Lauren Ad Is Everything That’s Wrong With “EDM”


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Aug 15, 2013




There are many artists with clothing sponsorships in the electronic music community: Diplo with Wang, Kaytranada with The Hundreds, MAKJ with whoever made that amazing sweater in his profile picture. All those brands are inherently tied in with an artist’s style and aesthetic. This Avicii x Ralph Lauren ad though? This couldn’t be further from the point. Go ahead, use Avicii as a model – he’s an attractive man with a unique look. Yes, Wake Me Up is a country song and it’s a denim ad, I get it. I just couldn’t think of a brand more detached from the music scene than Ralph Lauren (as much as I love their Black Label collection). The oversized cans ¬†thrown in to tie the ad back to music are a half-hearted attempt at best, and WHY oh why is the girl on the far right of the below photo wearing her own headphones (over a beanie, I might add), inexplicably plugged in to nothing.




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