Bullet Train Allstars Vol II

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Aug 18, 2013



I’m going to be completely honest with you, Salacious Sound. When I was sent this minimix for Bullet Train Records’ 5th Birthday compilation, my first thought was “Who the fuck are all these artists?’ My second was “Who the fuck are Bullet Train?”


Well, I got about 10 seconds into the mix before I was so hooked that I had to do more research. Bullet Train are a London-based record label supporting everything from house, to garage, to bass- and what a marvelous combination it is. Crown jewel tracks in this mix occur at 1:29, 3:24, and 3:57 if you want to cut to the chase. This compilation is definitive proof that the UK does it best.



Bullet Train Records on:

SoundCloud | Their Website


Cause & Affect – Poppin
Ed Case – Speechless
Decka Sound – Ah.
TwoFold – Learn
Pete Graham & Chris Lorenzo – Dorothy’s Forest
Linden Jay – Forget
Marco Del Horno vs Taiki & Nulight – Bounce
Ongaku – Slender Men
Marco Del Horno – Heart Is Hooked On You VIP
Conducta – Change My World
n55 – Aaliyah
Crown Duels – Our Thing


//Ziad Ramley

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