Lorde – Love Club (L D R U Remix)

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Jul 10, 2013


As a previous Lorde fan, a remix of the velvety smooth gem that is Love Club, a track worthy of a personal iTunes play count nearing the triple digits, seemed unappealing to say the least. Be it by the beard of Zeus, but fortunate for me that my mouse found its way to the play button, as for the next 5 minutes a beautiful beast emerged. Stripping the bounce vibe of the original, Sydney-native L D R U tones the track down to a groovin’ head-bobbing lullaby, with a simple soaring chord progression propelling the 16 year-old’s vocals to a near ‘let go of your handlebars and backflip off your bicycle’ sort of level. Or.. Somewhere around there at least.


Didn’t think it could be done.. But well done, sir. Well done. Do show the man some love, and grab your free copy of the track through Future Classic’s Soundcloud.


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