Course of Time Mix Series featuring John Roman and Michael Imperial

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Jul 17, 2013

Course Of Time returns for its 26th installment. This mix features two of their favorite guests. John Roman, a 23 year-old producer from Toronto who has released records on major Canadian labels like Tiga’s Twin Turbo and DeadMau5′ Mau5trap. Michael Imperial, also from Toronto, is the other featured guest with his take on on dance music having received praise from non other than Dubstep turned House Music purveyor and tastemaker, Skream.

Whether you have or haven’t checked out this monthly event at The Supermarket in Kensington Market, you won’t want to miss this edition of one of our favorite Toronto dance music institutions. Resident Mr. Charlton has a very special set prepared for the occiasion and newcomers PB&J will be warming up the dance floor.

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Listen to this Course of Time mix for a preview of what’s waiting for you on July 19th

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