Various Artists – Feathers EP [Pelican Fly]


Independent Belgian label, Pelican Fly, has put together another outstanding collection of tracks with their ninth official release, the Feathers EP. What I find especially imtruiging is seeing heavyweights like Sinjin Hawke side-by-side with ¬†producers such as Cashmere Cat and Zora Jones. In my mind, it’s a much more effective way to market new talent than a surge of press releases. My favourite track by far? On & On, by Lucid.


This is a highly-recommended release which you can buy here.


Pelican Fly on:

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Zora Jones – Money Cat (Zora Jones)
Cashmere Cat – Aurora (Cashmere Cat)
Sinjin Hawke – Prom Nite (Sinjin Hawke)
Mister Tweeks – Rave Land (MisterTweeks)
Lucid – On & On (lucid)
Samename – Mishima Curse (Samename)
Deebs – Fillet (Deebs)
Richelle – Circular Motions 2025 (??????????)

//Ziad Ramley

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