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Nov 14, 2012



A few listens through Sydney, Australia producer Flume’s recent self-titled album makes me certain of one thing: it’s a shoe-in for electronic album of the year. Yeah, I said it. It’s just that good. Clocking in at 15 tracks it’s a bit too long for me to give a full breakdown so here’s a list of my immediate thoughts upon listening through the album and my five favourite tracks, arranged in order of how much I like them.



– Sound engineering is warm, clean, and avoids clichés

– Numerous collaborations with vocalists give this appeal well beyond Flume’s usual audience (Especially ‘Holdin On’)

– Every track is unique and coherent; a commendable feat with a 15-track release



– Flow from one track to the next when listening from start to finish doesn’t make sense

– Okay, we get it, Flume. You’ve knocked those synths and the whole “Flume Step” thing out of the park. Let’s hear something else



Favourite Tracks:

1. Holdin On

2. Ezra

3. What You Need

4. Insane ft. Moon Holiday

5. More Than You Though



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