Soft Served: Noms, Owen Bones, Josh Michalec, Shlohmo, S O H N [SS2]


Soft Served is an irregularly-updated, eclectic collection of tracks to listen to before bed, in the rain, or while the sun is rising. 



1. Noms – AbiMayZ

Noms on: SoundCloudFacebookTwitter



2. Ghost Town DJs – My Boo (Owen Bones Remix)

Download via Mediafire

Owen Bones on: SoundCloudFacebookTwitter



3. Childish Gambino x Lana Del Rey – Do Ya Like Blue Jeans (Josh Michalec Remix)

Josh Michalec on: SoundCloud

4. Shlohmo – Seriously (Live Mix)

Shlohmo on: SoundCloudMySpace



5. S O H N – T H E  ・ W H E E L

S O H N on: SoundCloudFacebookTwitter



– Ziad

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