Red Bull 3Style World Championships Prequalifiers Night 2 Recap

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Sep 27, 2012

Outside Double Door Chicago on night two of the Red Bull 3style World Finals
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Chile, you had me at hello.

And by “Chile” I mean DJ Drummer, and by “hello” I mean the Chicago Bulls theme song. These Latin Djs, amirite?

DJ Drummer took the top spot at night two’s qualifier battle.
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I could end the recap there and it would be a pretty honest recap. I won’t though, because since you probably couldn’t be there last night I feel like it’s my duty to tell you how dope-on-plastic this show was.

The Double Door is a grungy place. On top of that, it is not kind to the vertically challenged among us (read: Can’t see!), so I gave up on trying to take in the technical aspects of all the DJs.

It was perfect. The vibe there was so radically different from the first night. You know the music video for Snoop Dog “Gin and Juice?” The one where it’s just a bunch of kids jamming out at the world’s most fun looking house party? That’s what was going on last night.

The crowd, venue, and DJs provided a distinctively “house party” vibe
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The competitors took a step back from trying so hard (they probably were trying really hard, but it came off as effortless) and instead the DJ’s better spent their time rocking an awesome party. It was a solid choice.

After Drummer (the winner of the night) left the stage; (floated away on a cloud of being epidemic level sick?) we had the DJ equivalent of Ryan Lochte on deck- Repping the Red White and Blue was Four Color Zack. This DJ is as American as PBR and childhood obesity. That is to say, very American.

Four Color Zack holding it down at the Red Bull 3Style World Finals
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If it hadn’t have been for his talent on the 1s and 2s, I might have mistaken him for a member of O-Town, or One Direction. Good thing boy had table chops though; his charisma was on the brink of being off the charts; which took his pseudo predictable set to the next level.

There is less to say about the Netherlands DJ DNS (a solid enough DJ in his own right) and South Korea’s DJ Pandol (should be DJ “breakbeats” Pandol).

Netherlands DJ DNS at the 1s and 2s
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South Korea’s DJ Pandol on stage
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We were into that dirty, filthy underground hip hop vibe all night, so it was only fitting that we welcomed (with open arms I might add) Jurassic 5’s own DJ Nu Mark. He did exactly what we wanted and needed him too – pumped out that old school ish.

Tomorrow night we get to witness the brilliance that is DJ Z-Trip and Skratch Bastid – (I will be there chatting up my fellow Canadian ginger, so keep your ears to the streets people).

It has already been a loud couple nights…tip of the iceberg, ships are gonna sink.

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