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Aug 10, 2012

I’ll be completely honest with you, Salacious Sound. I don’t listen to glitch hop all that often; when I’m waiting for my bus to work it’s far from the first thing I select on my iPod. I do recognize however, that glitch hop has a time and a place where it’s acceptable (if not critical): workout playlists and DJ shows.


Enter Smile on Impact’s latest album, Green Is The Darkest Colour. This Aussie producer has given tried-and-true glitch a French funk shake-up and the result is one of the most enjoyable releases in the genre that I’ve come across to date. Purple takes the #1 spot on this release, with Anything coming in a close second. Give the whole thing a listen and if you like it head over to Beatport and show your support. I caught Smile on Impact on Facebook messenger a few minutes ago and convinced him to give you guys my favourite track off the release for free so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


Buy: Green Is The Darkest Colour on Beatport or iTunes

Download: Purple (198kbps) – via YouSendIt

Smile on Impact: SoundCloud / Facebook



– Ziad

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