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Jul 27, 2012

Rev your engines and buckle your seatbelts!! The lead single from French electro producer Vitalic‘s new album is a turbulent thrill ride of grandiose proportion. The album, entitled ‘Rave Age’, is set to drop October 22nd on Different Recordings. Judging from that title and the in-your-face maximalism of “No More Sleep”, Vitalic has certainly not abandoned the vigorous, dynamic style of electro he championed on 2005’s “OK Cowboy”. Actually, it sounds more like he’s beefed up his sound and injected it with some present-day EDM sensibility. Now, before all you electro-revivalists start heralding the death of rave whilst crying into your pillowcases at night, remember this one thing: Vitalic is on your side. Believe me, he loves the 90’s just as much as you do. One listen to “No More Sleep” and it’s obvious, Vitalic is trying to spark a resurgence of electro, big-beat, and rave within the scope of modern-day EDM.

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