Hudson Mohawke produces Azealia Banks’ latest, announces TNGHT EP

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May 12, 2012

Glaswegian, new-school hip-hop producer Hudson Mohawke is the man of the moment.  Earlier today, female rap sensation Azealia Banks  sent the blogosphere into a frenzy with the release of her new HudMo and Nick Hook-produced track “Jumanji”. As expected, Azealia is on-point as she transitions from confrontational rapid-fire rhymes to melodic sing-song vocals. Nevertheless, it’s the production that really blew me out of the water….and onto the island. The track opens with breezy windchimes and a clattering snare roll, immediately conjuring visions of tropicalia. HudMo’s stuttering rhythms glide along seamlessly with Hook‘s piercing string samples. however, it’s the steel drums that really made me fall in love with this song. I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for those ringing pans. Try to resist…you can’t.

In other awesome news, Hudson Mohawke and like-minded Montreal-based hip-hop producer Lunice announced that they will collaborate for a five-song EP under the name TNGHT. The EP is set to be released on July 23/24 by way of Warp Records and LuckyMe Records. You can stream the bass-heavy single “Bugg’n” below. It sounds like a precisely coordinated blend of dripping water and the clang of metal cans. That’s a good thing by the way.

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