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Mar 19, 2012

Murs launched a Kickstarter campaign recently in order to fund the pressing, printing, and merch side of a very interesting project he’s been working on for over year.

Because Murs has hit his fundraising goal on his Kickstarter campaign, it looks like there will be a new 10-track album shipping out this spring, along with a graphic novel, art print, t-shirt, hoodie, and download card depending on what level of contribution you make. For the low low price of $2500 you can also get on stage with one of the best live rapper/writers in the world, and perform one of his songs with him (your choosing).

As is explained in the video, some of the songs are directly related to the graphic novel storyline, and some others are a song that might fit that character’s mood/outlook/predicament at the time. Sounds wicked, right?

If you’re a fan of Murs’ or underground raw shit in a more general sense, then it’s in your best interest to hop on this opportunity. First, because a) Murs’ work as an artist is quality, cerebral, elevated, and polished, and moreover the artist he’s enlisted to work with him on the graphic novel portion of the project is extremely talented (sample via the campaign page below). This hybrid graphic novel/album project sounds like something you really need the physical release for. And, b) it sounds like ordering this off kickstarter will be just about your only chance to get a copy – a few limited suppliers may pick up the physical release for their record shops, but near as I can tell this will *not* be coming out on iTunes, as Murs also explains in the video.

The widget above provides full details, or you can go directly to the Kickstarter campaign page to order your copy of his upcoming album/graphic novel project!!

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