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Feb 17, 2012

It’s been my experience that everything YACHT puts out is something like a universe unto its own. So like ‘See Mystery Lights’, Shangri-LA, their latest work is visual, audible, and experiential. The pair, obviously inspired by their move to L.A. had the following to say about the project:

Shangri-La features dozens of extended members of the YACHT family—fans, collaborators, friends—sharing a space of our own invention, spotted with magical realism. Every point of light smiles. We believe that Utopia, like reality, is not a physical experience, nor one dictated by the boundaries of a particular space. Rather, it’s a movable feast, defined by its capacity to adapt and change to new surroundings. Utopia can’t be physical, because to remain steadfastly in one unchanging place is to ideologically separate oneself from the strange emergent chaos of the world. And chaos, challenge, change: these are the factors which keep us alive. So we moved, and put ourselves in the heart of a new chaos, a chaos which is challenging our worldview and forcing us to mold a new version of our personal heaven on Earth.

we’ve been working really, really diligently on creating an entire full-spectrum Shangri-La for you. The experience, as we understand it, is important and visceral, tactile and emotional, suspended in a filigreed web of the present and echoing into the future. This video is just the beginning. Expect new sights, feelings, smells.

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