It’s been a minute, huh friends? A lot of you have been foaming at the mouth for the return of the Tuesday Top Ten, and I’m proud to announce that, now that I’m working on the site full-time, I feel like I have the time to devote to a weekly installment.

Here’s the thing – the top ten isn’t an easy format, and I’m going to vary genres from week to week, but I hope to keep it focused on chart-style offerings. In the past I’ve done “here are 10 cool blog songs bro” posts, and they don’t make me happy. I want to write articles for you, that move you, with awesome + highly-curated tunes that you can have for free, if they’re free, and go buy, if you’re supposed to buy them.

Keep an eye out, and give me lots of feedback so that I know to keep going (or seppuku myself).

This week I’ve put together a list of ten nu-disco offerings that are heating up charts at the moment, moving dance parties, or just moving my feet.

10. Riva Starr and Fatboy Slim – Get Naked (Louis La Roche Remix)

Honestly, I didn’t even have to listen to this one to know I was going to fall in love. Little did I know that Beardyman is ALSO on this track!! Riva Starr and Fatboy Slim provided an incredible starting point with their original, and Louis La Roche in typical form has flipped it masterfully. This was released on Louis’ Facebook as a free bootleg (via Dancing Astronaut)

Louis La Roche on Soundcloud | Facebook

[audio:Riva Starr and Fatboy Slim – Get Naked (Louis La Roche Remix).mp3]

9. Real Nice and Cubiq – Had Enough (Kreature Remix)

Nothing confirms more obviously that deeper darker sounds, especially vocals, are being transposed against the lighter fun elements of dance music to popular effect. I could see this track going off at just about any time of night at a party, given the right setup.

Buy it on Beatport

Kreature on Soundcloud

[wpaudio dl=”0″ title=”Real Nice and Cubiq – Had Enough (Kreature Remix)” url=” Nice and Cubiq – Had Enough (Kreature Remix).mp3″]

8. Miguel Campbell – Something Special

I heard this one a month or two back on Lazaro Casanova’s mixtape, and I’ve been absolutely hooked since. It transposes the very downtempo feel and soulful vocals at the beginning of the track with the rising funky action of the song masterfully. By the time you’re halfway through, the vocals have climbed with the rhythm and groove, and your feet are moving themselves.

This is one of the releases that made Hot Creations one of the top 5 labels in the world, in 2011.

Buy it on Beatport

[wpaudio dl=”0″ title=”Miguel Campbell – Something Special” url=” Campbell – Something Special.mp3″]

7. Niels Freidel – Good (Les Loups I.D. Mix)

I dropped this twice over the weekend and it was a big.. BIG hit each time. This song has so much action, I’m not sure where to start. Very groovy percussion, Daft Punk-era filter-disco style floaty synths, and sparkly pads make this track impossibly groovy. It doesn’t have vocals, but really speaks to an audience.

Another lovely free download 🙂

Les Loups on Soundcloud | Facebook

[audio:Niels Freidel – Good (Les Loups I.D. Mix).mp3]

6. The Magician ft. Jeppe – I Dont Know What to Do (Erkka Mix)

Jeppe has one of the best hook-voices I’ve ever heard, period. Someone needs to lock this guy down and make him their signature sound as a producer, because this guy puts his pants on one leg at a time.

Bit of a classic ‘Your Love’ feel to the arpeggio on this one, with lots of shuffle and warm disco sounds. Another lovely free download, care of The Magician!!

The Magician on Soundcloud | Facebook

[audio:The Magician ft. Jeppe – I Dont Know What to Do (Erkka Remix).mp3]

5. Senor Stereo ft Danny Daze – Unintentional (U-Tern Remix)

Senor Stereo, for all their skill as a super group, has not had the breakout exposure I expected they’d have experienced by now. Of course every head who knows the components is aware that 2012 is going to be an absolutely massive year for Joe Maz, Gigamesh, and Danny Daze. If you’re not up, get up – I’ve written about all of them!

All that said, what really drew my attention to this release was U-Tern’s genius remix. Forgive the delay on this one, but it’s in this chart deservingly, and in my heavy rotation right now.

Buy it on Beatport

U-Tern on Soundcloud | Facebook

[wpaudio dl=”0″ title=”Senor Stereo ft Danny Daze – Unintentional (U-Tern Remix)” url=” Stereo ft Danny Daze – Unintentional (U-Tern Remix).mp3″]

4. Parallel Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)

This is one of those tracks that can unite the hipster-dance kids and the hipster-music-snob kids. Awesome dancey vibe x shuffle-y percussion combined with deeper sounds, and oft-eerie pads / vocals. This one is going to be in my rotation a while!!

Buy it on Beatport

Maxxi Soundsystem on Soundcloud | Facebook

[wpaudio dl=”0″ title=”Parallel Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)” url=” Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix).mp3″]

3. Oliver – Dirty Talk

Simply one of the biggest tracks of the moment. It has a retro x Chromeo-like feel, without sounding like it’s appropriated anyone’s style. In addition, there’s a remix on the Kitsune-released EP by SalaciousSound favourites Punks Jump Up.

Buy it on Beatport

Oliver on Soundcloud | Facebook

[wpaudio dl=”0″ title=”Oliver – Dirty Talk (Original Mix)” url=” – Dirty Talk (Original Mix).mp3″]

2. The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love (Cassian Remix)

I have been following Cassian for some time now – he’s one of the most exciting acts in Australia at the moment, and has released yet another amazing nu-disco remix. All of this guy’s work is absolute class – be sure to dig deeper on Salacious after you finish this article.

This one is distinctly darker that his usual, making use of The Rapture’s wonderful vocals and piano stabs, with his own twist on the rhythmn and bass sections which make it a surefire dancefloor-shaker! Best of all, it’s also a free track released on his Soundcloud channel.

Cassian on Soundcloud | Facebook

[audio:The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love (Cassian Remix).mp3]

1. Treasure Fingers – Take My Hand

This one is a couple months old now, released for free on Treasure Fingers’ Soundcloud channel to huge success. This guy really knows how to use vocal samples. Also, one of the best shows I saw at The Social in Toronto, while it was still around.

Treasure Fingers on Soundcloud | Facebook

[audio:Treasure Fingers – Take My Hand (Original Mix).mp3]

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