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Oct 26, 2011

Guess what? The kind folks over at Beta Nightclub decided to toss us a pair of Porter Robby tix for November 5th! We’re passing on those golden tickets to you friends! BAM BAM! Your raving toosh could be at Beta soaking in the glitched out Porter soundwaves for fweeee. It’s as simple as 1,2,3 – literally.


.1. You must like Beta, Salacious Sound & ReySon on Facebook
.2. You must sign the online petition to Save Our Beta Nightclub
.3. Comment on this blog post with your full name and email address.
On November 3, all names will be thrown into a big cooking pot or maybe a cauldron and then two lucky-ducks will be chosen at random. And when i mean random, i mean the randomest. Ill probably stick a few tree nuts in the cooking pot too, and let a squirrel pick two names out. How do you like them apples!
Porter Robinson – 100% In The Bitch (Go Buck! Bootleg) by Go Buck!


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