Kitsuné Artist Is Tropical Releases Controversial Video by Megaforce

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Aug 9, 2011

If you’re into violence, as Londoner’s clearly seem to be at the moment, you’ll probably dig this video by Is Tropical. This British electro trio, produced by Kitsuné Maison and whom I also had the pleasure of partying with in the burning city’s eastern frontiers in July are insane and the music and the video The Greeks are clear proof of (we started off at a simple bar and ended at a dog’s birthday party in East London till the wee hours of the morn). The song is fast paced and exciting electro but it’s the video that has been making waves throughout Europe and especially Paris the last couple of months.

Described as a ‘return to childhood,’ by boys, the video shows children killing each other all in the fuzzy warmth of animation. Prude Americans are probably enjoying the violent video put out by the famous French Megaforce (the same team who made Kid Cudi’s majestic and astounding Pursuit of Happiness clip), but if your balls aren’t up in bunch, seriously The Greeks is amazing. It carves nostalgia into your body with a dull knife and essentially brings to life the imagination of a child, you know, running around playing murderous tag etc, although it appears that French childhoods didn’t include cool chicks too. Anyways, it’s rare when a badass song is equally matched by its video but with this British-French combo they do not disappoint.

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[audio:Is Tropical – The Greeks.mp3,Is Tropical – The Greeks (Moonlight Matters Remix).mp3]

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