Philistine Remixes Britney’s New Single ‘Hold It Against Me’



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Jan 21, 2011

Dubstep purists will probably cry out in anger for my even posting this, let alone suggesting it is dubstep. At the risk of ‘demeaning’ myself however, I would like to share this as part of what will be a concerted effort in 2011 to trick every person I talk to about music in to liking at least some dubstep. I thought it was some kind of kitchy gimmick when JFK said just such a thing when he and Al-P released Fist of God, but I really respect what they tried to do and I think it’s a worthwhile effort.

Dubstep is just a great format for music – the tempo is fun, and you can do cool things with syncopation and the beat structure that I think will push hip hop and other genres forward this year.

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So without further adieux, Philistine’s latest remix:

[audio:Britney Spears – Hold it Against Me (DJ Philistine Remix).mp3]

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