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Jan 14, 2011

Mr. Gonzo was observed for the first time in 2010, around the giant elliptical galaxy M87. Renowned audiospace Pirate, it’s during capturing the Magellanic ray of the “Night of the Living Dead” film, that he was inspired to create his intergalactic hit “Nightmare”. Fascinated by his discovery, he decided to head towards the blue terrestrial planet called Earth. But after his gravity approach, an incident with one of his midi robots blocked the monitoring of the landing mix, and he crashed with his ship into a pitch explosion in the middle of the Mansion Nightclub pool in Miami. The discoidal wave generated by the shock was so successful that he decided to take control of the sound system, and created live all the tracks on his future 12’inch. Signed under universal license with Folistar, his debut EP “Extended Play Area” is a condensed story of this resoundingly night. Mr. Gonzo now runs the clubs around the world to radiate his cosmic music.

Too Disco by Mr. Gonzo

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