Running for Love and Money

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Sep 27, 2010

The Outrunners are an interesting outfit from Nantes, France.

Pierre de la Touche & Stephen Falken are a dynamic duo who are instrumental to the rise of Nu-Disco. Together as The Outrunners, they make the most of their synthetic arsenal to create smooth melodies which open a whole new realm of electronic music, aside from your heavy bangers. They’ve been working hard with the Valerié collective  and have recently released a four track EP entitled “Running for Love and Money”, on Flexx records. Without a doubt, the sound is very vintage italo-disco pop with a hint of dreamy synthesis, creating a soothing atmosphere enveloped in a mist of nostalgia.

Running for Love and Money on Flexx Records
The Outrunners Myspace

[audio:The Outrunners – These Girls Are Dressed To Kill.mp3]

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