If I didn’t like alliteration so much, I would rename these series that I do so as to break the guilt spirals that usually result from my not having them ready the day before they are supposed to go up. Hey.. at least I’m putting it up only a day late instead of waiting another week, right? Right?

There was some solid movement in the chart this week.. we had a couple excellent new tracks find popularity among the readers, some bloggy mashup/remix stuff hit hype pop lists and get reblogged all over the place, and finally almost everything I posted on the monthly roundup hit some kind of list – it was mostly dubstep, and it was mostly like throwing a steak in to a small hot tub full of piranhas that had been starving for a week.

[audio:Wine and Cheese – Throw it Down.mp3,Jump Jump Dance Dance – Modern Eyes (Bit Funk Remix).mp3,Stevie Wonder – Uptight (b.cause Fraze Ruff Ride Refix).mp3,Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – Beggin (Stanton Warriors Remix).mp3,Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street (Tommie Sunshine and Figure EC$TACY Edit).mp3,Massive Attack – Teardrop (Knight Riderz Remix).mp3,Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (DYM Dubstep Remix).mp3,Breakbot – Iron Zombie (NEUS Remix).mp3,Hoodie Allen and Mike Posner – Evil Woman (Remix ft. ELO).mp3,Pretty Lights – Finally Moving Remix.mp3]

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