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Jun 3, 2010

Recent research had me wandering the interweb; as a result, I discovered this character from Atlanta.

His groove screams nu disco with a pinch of groove and a whole lotta house. I was able to catch a few words with him to get an overview of who this cat is, and what is it that he does:

“My real name is John McSween… I got the name Yella (yellow) from my family and friends in reference to my light skin, cause I was the brightest person in the family.
Finesse is just french for “perfection” and “precision”, which is what I really wanna achieve in my music…and there you have it, Yella Finesse…

I was born in London England and moved to New York when I was 5, then Atlanta when I was 7… I’m 18 now, so I’ve been here a while… Just finished first semester of college, and loved every second of it. I’ve been listening to house my whole life (being from England), but I really got into it in 2001 with the drop of Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’… Thats my all time favourite album… It actually inspired about 60% of my first tracks… I started producing my own tracks in August 2008, and I’m just learning how to DJ with the help of DJ R.E.D.

I just did my first 2 collaborations, one with DJ Handz Down (a great up and coming Hip Hop prducer and good friend, who actually lives 5 houses down from me…lol), and Pardon My French… I’m currently working on a remix for Star Tribe’s new album…”

There is definitely a whole lot happening for the up and coming artist. As it turns out, his EP, entitled “Music In Me” is dropping tomorrow and will be available for a free download. Be sure to check out his myspace for details!

Enjoy these fresh grooves!

[audio:Yella Finesse – Fucking Music.mp3,Yella Finesse – It Must Be Love.mp3]

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