Room-Noise Productions Presents: ElectriCITY

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Apr 12, 2010

A while back now we were asked by Connie at Room Noise Productions to take part in a documentary she was producing and directing, alongside a power house team of Ryerson and York students. She said her aim was to explore the Toronto electronic music community – it’s artists, venues, and the blogs that were publishing the sounds of Toronto. ElectriCITY, a two by 10-minute video series, was just published this morning on youtube and is just that. None of the cast should be unknowns to our readers – Barletta, Roman, and Golden Gloves have many articles to their names on our site, and Electro Toronto is a very special friend to Salacious that we’ve had the chance to collaborate with in some pretty meaningful ways.

Our deepest thanks go out to everyone who contributed to this documentary – the interview subjects, the venue owners who made some of the fantastic footage in the documentary possible, and most importantly, Connie and her amazing crew. Your hard work made this incredible end product possible. Great job!!



DJ Barletta
John Roman
Golden Gloves

The Doc!!

Part 1 – Follow this link to watch in high def:

Part 2 – Follow this link to watch in high def:

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