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Mar 25, 2010

This year, like the last, Canadian Music Week was an unbelievable blur. I had several opportunities to connect with people really on the bleeding edge of the music industry in Toronto, and I’m proud that we managed to get this one on camera. Curtis is an incredible artist, and has been such a good friend to SalaciousSound, from giving us one of our first meaningful interview opportunities last year when we were but newcomers, to performing for our 1 Year Anniversary party with his band. Like he says at the end of the interview, right before our light dies, he is performing April 25th at Tattoo Rock Parlour – do yourself a favour and check his show out. I will definitely be there Curtis!

Watch the category linked at the top of this post, Canadian Music Week 2010 Coverage, for the dozens of posts we’ll be getting up in the next couple of days. We have a ton of good content, both interviews, and live concert footage.

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