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One of the most consistent sources of interesting music and in depth commentary Pelski provides what I never knew I was looking for. While sometimes his selections don’t resonate with me there are times, such as my discovery of “Lungisani” by Milt Mortez, where something I never know I wanted has become something I feel I needed.

[audio:Milt Mortez – Lungisani.mp3]

Discodust is adictive, I just want to set down with it on a mirror staring back, block one nostrile and let go. Discodust is the sereen sounds that alieviates my many ills and ameilorates my negative states. I have discovered a lot of artists that have become personal favorites through this site. This site makes wish I could DJ, just so that I could build a dancefloor with the materials Discodust has so graciously provided me time and time again. This remix of Memoryhouse by MillionYoung is a prime example of the way Discodust makes me feel.

[audio:Memoryhouse – To The Lighthouse (MillionYoung Remix).mp3]

Ilictronix may not always have a hit, but certainly knocks it out of the park on a regular basis. “Different Drum” is a perfect example of a track I had never heard that was an automatic hit with me, I am the first one to admit that I am 21, which is why I love when other bloggers and individuals whose opinions I respect show me the light. Ilictronix may not always be on base with my taste, but they are often out of the park.

[audio:London Elektricity – Different Drum.mp3]

Uh.Oh.Disco is the product of entertaining writing and eclectic taste. The similarity between my posts and theirs, they tend to transcend genre and focus on appreciation, forget about pretention and focus on what catches their attention. Check out these two tracks found on the site.

[audio:CZR – Chicago Southside.mp3,DoctorP – BadmanSound.mp3]

Keep checking back. I have a few other favorites, I figure I will do this again when I feel like it…

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