Is Hip Hop Coming Out of the Dark Ages?

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Feb 18, 2010

DJ Neil Armstrong, Kanye West’s tour DJ, takes a walk across Paris discussing music, fashion and life with Jeff Staple. Midway through the video, something that I have had strong feelings about for a while is brought up. With the transition of popular music away from Hip Hop, are we blessed to have Hip Hop return to a more beautiful form?

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We posted Exhibit A a while ago and Jay Electronica has been picking up steam ever since. Following him on Twitter was a pleasure over the course of the NFL Playoffs. Homie loved the Saints, and made me want them to win that much more, peep his shout out to his homies “rocking black and gold stocking caps” on Just Begun.

[audio:Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations).mp3]

I’ve slept on posting Reflection Eternal‘s Just Begun even though it was going to be a part of my best original songs of 2009 that never quite materialized. This track gets destroyed by all four Emcees, with new comers J. Cole and Jay Electronica dropping some serious heat. Its not everyday that one would say Mos Def had the weakest verse on a track.

Highlights include:

Me and Kweli come together like 2 pieces of metal/ we magnetize in the ghetto

Jay Electronica

A couple years ago the game had their pajamas on/ but now they on my dick, man I should throw a condom on/ and cause a nigga comin raw like I ain’t got one on/


[audio:Reflection Eternal – Just Begun (feat Jay Electronica JCole and Mos Def).mp3]

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