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Jan 30, 2010


John Roman started getting a lot of attention for his grinding chainsaws just under a year ago. Since then, he has grown and transitioned as a producer. Currently working on a deeper sound, he is taking his production to the next level. Not only has he received a ton of praise from opinionated little bloggers such as myself, but he has even got love from big fish such as Brodinksi (Who will be in Toronto 2 weeks from now). He is going to drop an exclusive mixtape of Remixes, Edits and Originals and join the Salacious blogging community! We are very excited.

Here are two new remixes to give you a taste of his new flavor. Make sure to support his remix of Van Hedlen for this Remix Contest. Just so you all know, Roman is the truth. He’s taking it beyond bullshit blog house remixes and mashups and into the mainrooms, the stadiums, and the festivals. Turn the bass up because its all about the DRUMS.

[audio:Armand Van Helden – Witch Doktor (John Roman Remix).mp3,Dario Nunez and DJ Nano – Da Hasta (John Roman Bongolian Half-Step).mp3]

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