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Jan 25, 2009


Just had a listen to an artist submission that isn’t half bad!  Two bad aspects: overuses vocal hooks, and song organization creates some weak spots that create discontinuity that wouldn’t translate well on a dancefloor.  Two great aspects: excellent bass mastering especially on Wreck the Discotek, and some very interesting, non-linear beats that obviously combine a lot of different genre influences well.  John Roman’s myspace.

What’s up Salacious, My Name’s John Roman. I’m a 19-year-old electro producer/DJ from London, Ontario. I just found electro about two years ago and just cannot quit. I started producing hip-hop when I was 13, but a sick break doesn’t keep me awake at night like a filthy drop. I use a lot of hip-hop elements, whether its from underground, to chopping and screwing, to crunk in my electronic production. I’ve really gotten into metal too, and because of that I try to model a lot of my lead synthwork to a heavily distorted electric guitar.

[audio:John Roman – Wreck The Discotek.mp3,John Roman – Shes a Bitch.mp3]

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